Packing a Family for a Trip Could Be an Olympic Sport

This is Bates and I enjoying his Easter egg hunt. And me assuming it would take “no time at all,” to pack us up for the beach weekend ahead. 🙄
LOL. Why do I do this? I’m convinced I need to plan for 4 hours at minimum next time. ⏰ During it I felt anxiety attacking when:

🧺 At one point we were waiting for the last load of laundry with everyone’s key beach items that are of course dirty. (Why didn’t I do these earlier, I thought.) Then opened the dryer and realized a small thing of sunscreen somehow got in with them and now they are speckled with those oil spots. 😵‍💫

🍞 Made PBJs so we didn’t have to stop for kid food. Thought maybe the baby would sleep through… only to hear “I gotta go mom” 15 mins in. 😅

🍭Snapped in an ugly tone when I was asked for candy for the zillionth time after they had it all day at their parties.

🦷 While packing, Beau decided a tube of toothpaste was a fun “paint” and scrubbed it up to his elbows. 😀

🧳 Snapped again at Barker when he tried to load the bags because of course “they weren’t done.” He was just trying to help.

I sent up prayers asking God to stop the anxiety throughout the whole experience – knowing I am so grateful for our family and living life together! I could have just told the anxiety to go in Jesus name but for some reason got stuck in the spiral for a second.

I am grateful for Jesus in this season and every season. Because when the ugly comes out, I remember it was nailed to the cross and he took it all. We are able to seek forgiveness every single time we fall short. I love showing this to my kids when I have messed up. The same forgiveness is open to you! There is nothing you have done that Jesus’ cross does not cover! You can tell him you believe in him and receive his peace right where you are reading this. I pray you feel that this Easter. ❤️

PS: My experiences today are “inconveniences” according to the world but we know they are opportunities to grow and always worth it! It is an offering to the Lord and refinement. Raising kids with their individual God given purpose is such an honor! We will miss these days. ❤️

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