Transformation PhotoI’m Shannon, and I am so glad you are here! I’m a wife, new mom, attorney, health encourager and follower of Jesus. I am passionate about helping new moms and busy women get their mojo back. If you are struggling to coordinate your chaos, you’ve come to the right place!

No one can prepare you for life, much less life with a newborn and the emotions that come with it. Yet, there I was. Feeling broken, feeling vulnerable, feeling like someone other than myself. Everything had changed. Before I tell you my story, let me give you just a little bit of background.

I love to take on a number of projects, whether personal or professional. Simply put, I love to live a busy life. Prior to being a mom, I worked in politics and went to law school. Before that, I served as my university’s student vice president and studied abroad. I sat on a high horse of blessing and believed you can “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” regardless of the scenario. With that came pride. I took the view that if there is a problem, you grit your teeth, and handle it. I would make an agenda and ask God to come along, consulting him beforehand only sometimes. “They” say you make plans and God just laughs. Well, He must have been laughing pretty hard at me.

While being pregnant, I envisioned what delivery and maternity leave would look like. I was going to have my baby on my terms, breastfeed and just enjoy life at home with my precious baby boy and husband. Pretty normal, right?

Well, the plan I created for myself was nothing like what actually happened. (God is funny like that.) First, I ended up having a C-Section, not at all what I envisioned. Breastfeeding, despite everyone’s best efforts (including the lactation consultant, my son and me) did not work out. Strike two. Then, it took me a few weeks to realize that I was greatly suffering from multiple health conditions, most notably postpartum depression. Taking care of my son, much less myself, my husband or my house was almost inconceivable. I would literally hide under my comforter and hope someone else would hold my baby because I didn’t feel capable.

The weight of my new world was too much. For someone that previously thrived with multiple to-do lists and demanding jobs, how could this happen to me? I was at a true crossroads. How do I get help and what are my next steps? (A side note to any mom or gal who feels overwhelmed or just a bit removed from their old self, ask for help. Talk to your doctor. In my experience, everyone wants to help and you can easily find support from people around you, including me!)

After speaking with a doctor, I received treatment and slowly began to not just adjust… but THRIVE. God used this whole experience to completely break me and rebuild me into more of who He wants me to be. He is such a good Father in that way. He wants to do that for YOU – so whatever trial you may be facing, know He is always at work in it. He didn’t bring you to a valley just to leave you alone. Hang on!

Slowly, but surely, with consistent exercise and a healthy diet, I was feeling more and more like myself. No longer broken, but on a path to mental and physical rehabilitation. The mental funk that I’d been living in began to soften, my body began to feel whole again and most importantly God (as always) proved faithful. After losing more than 50 pounds and seeing both the visible and invisible changes I experienced, I knew it was time to help other women who might identify with my story. I took a leap of faith and became a health encourager to show other women the exact steps I took to thrive! I now host accountability groups for women who are working and trying to make healthy decisions on top of a packed schedule, moms who might be struggling with that last bit of baby weight and of course, anyone who just wants to trade in their busy lifestyle for a healthier one. I am all of these people rolled into one. My goal is to help you and encourage you to take the appropriate steps toward your best self!

I believe in working out from home with a virtual group of women to hold you accountable. That’s because these groups have worked wonders for my family and me, so I will share them until the cows come home. My house has now become the center of our health. The choices we make, like what workout to do, what foods to eat, are all made in our home and that is a wonderful feeling! I’m creating healthy habits for my family and ensuring my son has a mother who can keep up with him. My transformation physically and mentally over the last few months has been truly astounding and I want to share that joy with each of you. If you are struggling, please contact me. I would love to hear from you and remind you that you are loved and have a God ordained purpose!

And as always, let me know how I can support and encourage you in your journey to health and happiness!



EIB Tip: Your darkest days can often lead to the brightest light.

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