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You only have one body – so let’s work together to take care of it, all in the comfort of your home! If you’re here from Instagram or Facebook, here’s the link to enroll your spot in my next challenge group! HOLD MY SPOT SISTER.

If you’re new here, know how hard it can be to prioritize your health with the busy lives we lead today. That’s why I host monthly, online accountability groups that feature fresh recipes, 30 minute workouts, ways to curb cravings, and most of all a wonderful, intimate community of women working toward the same goals!

Here are two of the most common questions and concerns I receive:

How can you really get a good workout from home?

Absolutely! The programs I utilize in my accountability groups are formulated to work every important muscle with either hand weights or a resistance band — all in your living room! Cardio is evenly mixed with muscle toning exercises, so you can rest assured you are getting a full workout! I have lost more than 50 pounds working out from home, so I am living proof it works if you make the time AND commitment!

Meal planning is intimidating. I just get so overwhelmed.

That’s ok. I still get overwhelmed! We can work together to combat the overwhelm with simpler, easier plans! To do that, I’ll send you a meal plan and grocery list to start. Then we will walk through any issue you’ve faced in the past so that we can conquer your fears and put you on the path to success! I will also share tips and tricks I’ve learned, all while encouraging you every step of the way!

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about reserving a spot in my next accountability group, please email me at and let’s talk about it! You can also enroll through the link above! 


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