Welcome! If you’re ready to take control of your health, you’re in the right place. Sit and stay awhile.

Let’s kick health overwhelm, one day at a time.

My mission with Encouragement is Bliss is to help you achieve a health routine in the most efficient way possible while being encouraged in your faith along the way! I found that when I am encouraging others as part of a group, more bliss sets in within my own routine. That’s real accountability – encouraging others as you get results together! Encouragement truly is bliss.

As a follower of Jesus, I’ve learned the Enemy wants nothing more than for us to live in survival mode. But you were made to thrive, not just barely hang in there. I love helping you grow in your health and faith through my monthly accountability groups and what I share on Instagram and the blog. (It was on hiatus for a few years as baby 2 and life change happened… but it’s back!)

As a wife, mom of two boys with a third baby on the way, and a full-time attorney, I know some days working out or opening your Bible seems impossible. You’re falling into bed only to do all the crazy again the next day.

But God can help us find a way to meet with him, take care of ourselves and let go of the things that don’t serve us. We only have one body, we must be good stewards!

The key to fitting in your physical and spiritual heatlh? Building a routine from home with FAST streaming workouts, simple whole-food meals, and carving out time to meet with God FIRST. And some good coffee. (Wink!)

Head to the tabs at the top right of this page to learn how you can begin these changes. It won’t happen overnight, but linking arms with other women is a great place to start and build momentum!

The “Blog” tab has tips and tricks to work health into your routine and grow your faith. The “About Me” tab tells my story of how depression led me to grow closer to the Lord and find my purpose of encouragement in health and faith for busy women. The “Your Health” tab has ways to work with me!

Your health routine is just around the corner. With it will come clarity, focus and LIFE change when we invite God in. You were made to live the abundant life Jesus died to give you. Let’s walk in it together!