Welcome! You are home.

You made it. You’re here. Sit and stay a while. Grab a cup of coffee, tea (or wine) and let’s chat. This is your space. A space to take a break, to reset and most importantly to use as a form of encouragement. Encouragement Is Bliss is your resource for health and wellness tips, workouts, weekly meal plans and healthy recipes. EIB is a place for the young woman who needs quick workout options to do on her lunch break or the mom who needs an easy, go-to grocery list. Most importantly, we’re an open forum to support you in your journey to mental and physical health.

What are your fitness goals? What areas of nutrition can you improve on? How can you make your house a center for healthy choices? Let Encouragement Is Bliss show you how accountability groups, proper meal planning and efficient exercise can truly foster healthy habits and a sustainable 80/20 lifestyle.

I’d love to hear from you and help you start your health and fitness journey, or just encourage you regardless of wherever you are at in life! Email encouragementisbliss@gmail.com or click here.