Can you do an elimination diet while pregnant? I am – and here’s what I’m seeing. (And it’s plenty of food!)

When I first learned about the gut protocol plan coming out through my virtual gym, I first eye rolled. “I don’t need that. I have pretty decent digestion, right?”

Me sitting fancy thinking I didn’t need any gut help. ๐Ÿ™‚

But then I read that seventy percent of people have food sensitivities… many of us have just normalized what it’s like to live with them! It’s our “normal.” Studies say that these are sensitivities that may not show up as digestion issues. It shows up as:




skin problems.

sunken eyes.

a craving train you cannot escape from…

When I read more about the stories of people who healed their gut and the energy and focus they experienced, I began to think twice. Crystal clear mental health? You mean to tell me these moods swings and brain fog aren’t normal?

You may know the feeling. One day feeling like you can do this – meal prep is not out of reach, the laundry is “not even that bad,” you’re typing work emails like a boss and the sky is a little brighter. Only the next day it all comes crashing in on you. You’re feeling down and low as if everything is impossible and just want to hide under the bed?

It’s not normal to feel this way so off and on. (I thought it was just life.) I’ve found there is a better way. Eating whole, low glycemic foods that stabilize your blood sugar (and mood), nourish your gut and refill it with helpful bacteria from nature so your brain can thrive.

Needless to say, I dove in to this program and asked God to help guide me on what I should eliminate as we grow this babe! (Thoughts I had: even less coffee? No cream? No cheese? Lord if this is for me I’m going to need your help! He answered in a way only He can. I had such a peace that only comes from him. Peace to go forth and conquer with His help!)

I know what you’re thinking, “Should you be doing this pregnant?” And after research and talking to my doctor… I realized, why should I NOT be doing it?* Off the gut protocol this gal was having fried food in gross oils that can cross the placenta right to baby. Chips with processed chemicals I cannot even pronounce. MAYBE one or two serving of veggies a day… on a good day.

On the gut protocol? 30 plants a week. Green beans, baked potatoes, fresh stir fry and taco bowls. Quality animal protein like steak, chicken and fish! Fruits on fruits! Nuts, seeds and oats.

Makes me hungry even typing!

[Background note: I slowly gave up sugar first to prepare – I didn’t want the detox effect while pregnant.]

And now that I’ve been eating this way a little while… you know what I’ve noticed in the first week of the gut protocol?

I DID have digestion issues – I just thought they were normal.

I CAN kick dairy for a little while and actually feel BETTER. (Dairy and I are BFF usually.)

And I’ve experienced the epiphany that sugar was keeping me stuck in ruts and mental traps of fog. The blood sugar roller coaster was affecting my family, my mood swings and my work! It can keep us in a place where Satan can swoop in and tell us lies when we are low, stuck and overwhelmed.

Not having these things PLUS adding 5 vegetable servings a day has helped me not pass out at 8 like I had been, barely able to get my kids to bed. It’s allowed me to work on my business, office work or our budget with clarity and sharpness – rather than scrolling or watching Netflix because I’m too tired. I get out of bed faster. I hear from God more clearly and don’t doubt his voice. (I do still wonder if it’s me or him a lot, that’s where you pray it out and get in the Word! That’s a good discussion for another post.)

All of this from simply eating more of the plants and foods he gave us, and less of the man-made junk! (It makes Genesis 1:29 stand out so much more to me! “God said, ‘See, I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth, and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit; they shall be yours for food.’)

I say this to say: Why not test it yourself? Eliminate common foods that hold people down and increase God’s real, whole food for a month. Ask God to reveal what works best with your body through the 4 weeks… and what doesn’t. I believe he shows up when we invite him in on our health journeys. He cares about our bodies. After all, he made them!

XO, Shannon

PS – Need help tackling an elimination program like this without the guess work? Think meal plans and grocery lists made for you with 4 low impact workouts geared to work every important muscle each week?! My next wave begins Monday with a few women starting day 1 in a private coaching app with motivational quotes and check-ins. Text me at 225-529-1722 or fill out this form to grab your spot! There is no limit to the success you can have when you start a journey like this with other women!

Nutrition quote of the day:

“Never give up because good things take a little time.” – Unknown

*Please chat with your doctor before beginning a new nutrition program. Especially pregnant! They know your body and your current situation. ๐Ÿ™‚

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