I got off social media for 40 days. 12 days in, here’s what I’ve learned.

12 days ago, I felt God leading me to take time off social media. I tried to resist it. I serve other women in my fitness business after all! How could I leave?

But God reminded me that you can always obey what he asks you to do and trust him with the rest, even if it may not make sense. He is always working for our good. He created the Universe and runs it daily. His power is sufficient for our lives and every detail in it.

I believe he called me to lay down social media for a while because he knew I had made scrolling an idol. AND that the Enemy was using it to sidetrack me from the good plans and responsibilities God had laid before me. Yes, social media is a powerful source for good. He’s just helping me learn how to use it efficiently and properly during this time by first showing me how much time I have in the day when I’m not scrolling mindlessly! So far he’s shown me two specific clues to have a healthy relationship with social media when I return:

  1. The hours I spend there I won’t get back. Make them count! I was spending 3-4 hours A DAY on social media some days. When I woke up, on breaks in the day… late at night before bed. Some of the time was broken up in bits during the day. Those pockets of time add up. Time in the Bible not spent. Time with my kids lost to the latest reel or scroll stopping “ootd.” (“Will this fit in the budget,” I would think.) I work on the app serving clients and returning messages, so some of this time is absolutely expected, but I knew in my heart I wasn’t being efficient with the time God has given me. How many more people could I serve if I stopped scrolling?
  2. Scrolling social media takes just as much energy from your brain as completing something on your to do list. It is not rest like we think. It’s not a brain “break.” Your brain is firing on all cylindars as you scroll. Comparing yourself with others. Sorting through recipes to try. Quotes to share. News and notifications after a long day. This all takes a toll on your brain and body’s energy! We ALL have a certain amount of energy in a day. I find myself thinking – is scrolling the explore page and comparing myself and my life to people I don’t even know how I want to use my allotted supply of this precious commodity each day? NO!

God is a good Father to help us realize these things – even if it’s hard to lay down what we think we love doing to get there. I feel led to share what I learn with you so you can think and pray over what social media may be stealing from your life also. For me it was time and energy. For you it may be different.

I look forward to continuing to learn over the next 28 days, so when I come back to the ‘gram I can have more secure boundaries. (Easier said than done I know! Not perfect boundaries – just improvement and a way to carve out more time for God’s plans!)

I was also reminded that a social media break doesn’t mean my health coaching business and connections with you have to stop. I am serving the women I coach through our private streaming app. And that I can speak to you all here through my blog, something God led me to start years ago to encourage new moms and other women struggling to find a health routine! (Click “About Me” in the options on the top right to read the story.) I let this little corner of the internet fall to the wayside after our family grew by baby 2! Now that baby 3 is on the way (I’m 22 weeks on Wednesday) … I thought, why not fire it up again?

My purpose tonight in writing to you is to encourage you to seek God on how your days are spent! Ask him to reveal where time in your life is not being used efficiently. He is so good to help us if we ask him. The goals and dreams you have are in your heart for a reason. We just need to start by identifying a little time to go after them!

“If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” James 1:5

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