Could Coaching Be Your Calling?

Happy spring friends! With spring comes NEW adventures. That’s why I’m excited to announce my team name – The Bliss Bond!

It’s a movement — a sisterhood — that focuses on the encouragement of one another, AND of other people who need it badly in this crazy world!

Coach calling

Let me give you a little bit of history! For background, Encouragement Is Bliss is my larger virtual gym that I run for my clients. I encourage them and provide ways for them to achieve their goals when life is BUSY. We do home workouts, eat simple meals and hold each other accountable in a virtual group/app – ALL from home.

Now I’m taking that a step farther! The Bliss Bond is a deeper bond of women who are working toward their own health goals while helping others start a fit journey too! It’s an investment in our health, our faith and FRIENDSHIP. A bond of BLISS!

Could this be party of your calling? If you think so, please send me a message on Instagram or comment below. I’d love to explain to you how it works on a 10 minute phone chat! In summary: it’s a tribe to hold you accountable, and a sisterhood for life!


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