Knowing Who to Marry

Man crush Monday goes to my main squeeze.🍋 He is literally my rock. My bestie. My ride or die boo!
He held Bates at 2AM during my postpartum depression when I couldn’t or believed the lie that I wasn’t capable. He will HUNT all day and play baseball in the yard one minute, but make a freaking AMAZING flower arrangement the next. (Everyone has a hidden talent, right?!)

He gets Bates ready and to school (in the opposite direction of his commute) while I leave insanely early for the next two and a half months. All while killing it as a CEO and economic development guru!

Our relationship is so much more than a Hollywood-type infatuation that fizzles out over time. I thought that’s what we were looking for in this life. So that’s what I set out for at first. But that’s what the world tells us. And I realized it’s a trick!

God knows who you need, and many times it starts out differently! Would you believe me if I told you Barker asked me out several times before I would say yes? (I thought he was either a college playboy or just way too nice for how gentlemanly he was!🤣Praise the Lord I got my act together!)

Even though I had waited forever for a lightning bolt or some message in a bottle telling me who to marry, (I literally distinctly remember googling “how to know who to marry”🤷🏻‍♀️🤣) – I now realize that isn’t how God works!

He often gives us a choice and presents us opportunities – chances to step out in faith and let Him meet us on the other side of that decision. Even if it’s hard some days. No relationship is perfect. We ALL need Jesus. 

Some of you may even think you’re to a point where your relationship cannot be saved. But may I encourage you? God is powerful. He is a healer of what seems in human terms to be impossible or lost. More powerful than any self help book. You can surrender your relationship or ANY issue to Him and watch Him move! #fixitjesus #prettypls

And for those of you who are dating, or who are still looking for ✨the one✨- may I encourage you too? Try to put away your earthly checklist and timelines – at least for a while – and seek and listen to the Lord. I’ve learned those checklists are of the world – I think my first one as a young girl came from The Notebook or something. But I’ve realized that God operates not in the world, but in the KINGDOM – He works in ways that are higher than we can comprehend! Be open to who God places in your life. His plan is SO much better!!

In short, it can be simplified to this:

Not sure who to marry? Start with a Godly man and listen. Let Jesus take care of the rest. Whatever the answer, you can trust it’s for your good! #lovestory #mancrushmonday #godisgood #allthetime

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